MOE School Bus Runs beginning Feb 2022


New Route# Old Route# Route Description  Start time Start Date Map (click on link)
 D070402  30931  Bell Block via Henwood Rd to Fitzroy School, SHGC, NPGHS, NPBHS, Highlands Intermediate  TBC  TBC D070402 Highlands MAP
 D070403  3041  Pungarehu to Coastal School     D070403 Coastal School MAP
 D070404  3042  Wiremu Rd to Coastal School      D070404 Coastal School MAP
 D070405  3043  Surrey Hill Rd to Coastal School      D070405 Coastal School MAP
 D070407  3093  Bell Block via Corbett Rd to Fitzroy School, SHGC, NPGHS, NPBHS, Highlands Intermediate      D070407 Highlands MAP
 D070408  3089  Frankley Rd via Carrington Rd to NPBHS, NPGHS, SHGC      D070408 SHGC MAP
 D070410   3031  Hurford Rd, Plymouth Rd to Omata School 08:00    D070410 Omata School MAP
 D070412  3034  Mangorei Rd to Mangorei School, NPGHS, St John Bosco, SHGC      D070412 SHGC MAP


Withers Code of Conduct for School Travel 


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