MOE School Bus Runs beginning Feb 2022


New Route# Old Route# Route Description  Start time Start Date Map (click on link)
 D070402  30931 Bell Block via Henwood Rd to Fitzroy School, SHGC, NPGHS, NPBHS, Highlands Intermediate 07:40  TBC D070402 Highlands MAP
 D070403  3041  Pungarehu to Coastal School  07:45   D070403 Coastal School MAP
 D070404  3042  Wiremu Rd to Coastal School  07:30    D070404 Coastal School MAP
 D070405  3043  Surrey Hill Rd to Coastal School  07:50    D070405 Coastal School MAP
 D070407  3093 Bell Block via Corbett Rd to Fitzroy School, SHGC, NPGHS, NPBHS, Highlands Intermediate, FDMC  07:40    D070407 Highlands FDMC MAP
 D070408  3089  Frankley Rd via Carrington Rd to NPBHS, NPGHS, SHGC  07:40    D070408 SHGC MAP
 D070410   3031  Hurford Rd, Plymouth Rd to Omata School  08:00    D070410 Omata School MAP
 D070412  3034  Mangorei Rd to Mangorei School, NPGHS, St John Bosco, SHGC  07:45    D070412 SHGC MAP


Withers Code of Conduct for School Travel 


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