When you are looking for a quality, yet affordable, transport option for up to 12 people, we have modern minivans available for hire.

If your group would rather be in charge of your own vehicle - saving you money and giving you complete travel freedom, but still want a premium vehicle, we have a range of rental minivans to suit your requirements.

Top quality vehicles

Our minivan options include features such as comfortable reclining or bucket seats that slide forward to adjust leg room and also rotate around to face each other, climate-control air conditioning for driver and passengers, and large luggage space - with an optional luggage trailer available.

Complete service

We go the extra mile to ensure your travel is safe and enjoyable.

We are more than happy to help you with your other travel and accommodation arrangements, and offer advice on what to visit, see, and do on the way. For your convenience, we can also help with pickups and returns if necessary.

Complete our online booking enquiry or contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


Van 18 C

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